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To be effective, the flux must be chemically compatible with both the base metal and the filler metal being used. Selffluxing phosphorus filler alloys

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Braze filler metal appli ion by base material . alloys of silver Ag , aluminum Al , gold Au , copper Cu , Several sheets of foil can be.

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Filler metals are also available as foil and tape. Copperbased brazing filler metals tend to alloy rapidly with Nibase alloys, raising the liquidus

Wesgo Precious Brazing Filler Metals

Our extensive range of high purity, low vapor pressure precious brazing filler metals is derived from silver, platinum and palladium based materials,

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PhosCopper Brazing Alloys. 3233. LeadFree Solders. 3233. Filler Metals Selection Chart. 3435. Acetylene Welding/Brazing Tips. 37. BRAZING WORKSHOP.